Blind Bee Records

Blind Bee Records is a new Dutch Record label, started 1st June 2017.


We support artists with recordings and albums. SaRon Crenshaw is the first artist we work with. A live album is recorded at the Berkelse Bluesclub in Berkel Enschot, the Netherlands.


With the help of an enthusiastic crew, it was made possible to organize a first tour for SaRon Crenshaw, a musician who deserves to be heard. Meanwhile, festivals have been booked in Europe, including the renowned Belgian Rhythm & Blues Festival in Peer.


Not only do we record music but we guide the artists on the way to a great future on stage in Europe and beyond.


Thanks to:


Erik Bik and Toon de Quant (Recording, editing and mastering)
Esther Menke (Management and Bookings)

Robert Slim (Advise and Support)

Leo Gabriels (Photo's and Support)

Peter Verschoor and Koen Everaerts  @ Spectrum Multimedia (Webdesign and logo)



Don't roll your eyes
  1. Don't roll your eyes
  2. The moon is full
  3. Lie to me
  4. Feels like rain
  5. Guitarman
  6. 44 Blues
  7. Old love
  8. Tight cranky and loose

Latest Release

1) Don't roll your eyes on me

2) The moon is full

3) Lie to me

4) Feels like rain

5) Guitarman

6) 44 Blues

7) Old Love

8) Tight cranky and loose

9) Wang dang doodle

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SaRon Crenshaw

Goin' to get deep!

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